Club History
The history of Andhra Pradesh Kennel Club, earlier known as the Hyderabad Kennel Club in the state of the Nizams would be incomplete if mention is not made of some of the prominent dog lovers of the past and gratitude is not expressed to them. His highness Prince of Berar, Azam Jha Bahadur, the crown prince of Nizam State, was a dog lover par excellence. He had practically all the well known breeds in his kennel and when the first Dog Show was organized in 1945, he entered his dog in that show. Furthermore he extended his patronage to the Hyderabad Kennel Club by becoming himself a patron. Shahabzada Nawab Basalat Jah Bahadur, an uncle of the prince of Berar, was also a patron of this club right from 1948 till his death in 1993.

Other prominent dog lovers of Andhra Pradesh came from the illustrious Paigah family whose scion Nawab Yar Jung carries on the family tradition this day. Nawab Saheb's love for the dog is inherited from his great great grandfather and his uncle Nawab Moinuddowla Bahadur who had numerous breeds of dogs in his kennel. Such was Nawab Moinuddowla's love for the animals that he used maintained a vast private zoo. He was so well known for the love of dog that people of Hyderabad till today talk about Nawab Moinuddowla Bahadur and his hunting dogs.

Organized Dog game in Hyderabad State and now Andhra Pradesh, owes its existence to Mr. Jainarain Misra who laid the foundation of Andhra Pradesh Kennel Club, formerly known as Hyderabad Kennel Club in the year 1948. The Club was affiliated to the Kennel Club of India in 1949. The First Championship Dog Show was organized at the Secunderabad Race Course, now the Parade Grounds and its environs, on Sunday 10th December 1950, under the Presidentship of Nawab Sultan Ali Khan Bahadur. Major Goldsmith judged the show.


With such a background, Andhra Pradesh Kennel Club celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 1997-1998 by offering exhibitors a prize money of Rs. 1,00,000, in the Golden Jubilee year's Dog Show. Best in Show carried away Rs. 25,000 in cash, a landmark in Dog game. The Golden Jubilee was indeed a marvelous occasion, as it was not only the Golden Jubilee of the Club but also the Club's 50th Championship Dog Show and India's Golden Jubilee Year of Independence.

APKC has the distinction of being the first Kennel Club in India to purchase a club house in 2001 and operate out out of premises owned by the Club.