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105th All Breeds Championship Dog Shows (Pointed)

Sunday, 15th Oct 2017



Mrs.Aida Rivera Franco (Colombia)

Mr. Juan Alberto Grillo (Colombia)

Mr. Yogesh Tuteja

106th All Breeds Championship Dog Shows (Pointed)

Sunday, 15th Oct 2017

107th All Breeds Championship Dog Show

Sunday, 15th Oct 2017




Muffakam Jah Engg. College Grounds

8-2-249, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills

Hyderabad, Telangana 500034




Entries to: Mr. J. Kishore Reddy, Hon. Treasurer                                                                              Entries Close by 8th October 2017

3-6-205, St No. 16 Himayathnagar

Hyderabad, Telangana 500029

Mob. +91-92463-47739

Email: jannakishorereddy@gmail.com






Veterinary Examination


Commencement of Judging of both Shows


Best in Show of 102nd Show


Best in Show of 103rd Show


Best in Show of 104th Show


Prize Distribution

*   The Show Committee reserves the right to nominate a new Judge in the event of any of the above mentioned Judges not being able to fulfill their obligations.

*   The Show Committee reserves the right to change the order of Judging if required and hence exhibitors should bench their dogs on time.

*   Exhibitors should follow the order of Judging and make themselves and their dogs available in the waiting ring at the time of Judging. The Club shall not be responsible if exhibitors are not present in the ring when their class is being Judged and if their exhibits have been marked absent.


Order of Judging: The Order of the Groups Judging for the three Shows will be announced at the commencement of the Shows.


Eligibility: Only dogs registered with the KCI may compete. Monorchid and Cryptorchid dogs are not allowed to compete.

Entry Fee: Entry to 1 Class: Rs. 1,500 per dog (includes all three Shows). Entry fee is waived in case of Indian Breeds, but Rs. 100 for Catalog will be charged. Paid Kennels will cost Rs 1,500 per Kennel.

Remittance of Entry Fee: By Cash, or DD payable to: Andhra Pradesh Kennel Club. DDs to be payable at Hyderabad.

Entries: All duly filled in entries in the entry form provided along with the necessary fees should be sent to the Honorary Secretary, APKC. Up to three dogs belonging to one owner can be entered on each form. Use additional forms for additional entries. Photocopy of both sides of the KCI Registration Certificate must be attached to the Entry Form  and the Owner must sign on the Entry Form without which the entry will not be accepted.


Note: Entries must reach us before the last date mentioned on the schedule. Entry Forms may be downloaded from www.apkc.org.


Caution: The Committee reserves the right to exclude any entry it may think fit to exclude. The Exhibitors should make themselves familiar with the KCI rules and regulations for the shows, copies of which may be obtained from:

Administrator, Kennel Club of India

No. 28/89 AA Block, 1st Street, Anna Nagar

Chennai, TN 600040


Enforcement of Rules: The decision of the Show Committee is final subject only to appeal to KCI. Should any questions arise, which are not provided for in the rules, the committee’s decision will be final. Any breach of the rules will render the exhibitor liable for disciplinary action by the committee. Exhibitors are also liable for any damage done by them or their employees or their dogs. The committee reserves the right to refuse or accept any entry without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Important Notice issued by the K.C.I. for Exhibitors:

1.     Double Handling of exhibits for any breed is banned.

2.     Any Exhibitor found drunk while Showing will be banned/suspended.

3.     Any Exhibitor who is found arguing with the Judge or who uses abusive language or fights with a Co-Exhibitor or any Show Official will be banned/suspended.

Violation of Item 2 & 3 will attract a ban/suspension of a minimum period of 2 years and a fine of Rs. 1000. Such persons will not be allowed to register or exhibit any dog during the period of suspension.

4.     Exhibitors are not permitted to use clothing or caps displaying logos of their Kennels etc. in the Show Ring.

5.     Should a Dog confirmed with Championship status or is qualified for Championship be entered in any other Class, then the Entry will be automatically nullified.

Arrival of Dogs for the Shows: Dogs will be allowed to enter the Show grounds from 8:30am onwards after the Veterinary Examination. No Dogs will be allowed after 9:30am after Judging has commenced.

Veterinary Examination: All dogs must be certified fit for the show by the Honorary Veterinary Surgeon of the Show. There will be counters at the main gate for this purpose. The Veterinary Certificate must be produced on demand and entry to Show ground will be allowed only with Veterinary Certificate.

Ring Cards: Exhibitors will receive Ring Cards with Entry Number at the show grounds.

Catalog: All details of the exhibitors and entries are printed in the catalog. Judging order, prizes and other useful information & articles about dogs are contained in the catalog. Catalogs will be on sale from 8:30am onwards.

No Sale of puppies will be permitted inside the Show Grounds.

Lead and Collar: All dogs must have a suitable collar fastened on the dog securely at all times except in the Obedience Ring. No demonstrations of obedience by any individual on the show grounds outside the proper ring will be permitted.

Feeding of Dogs: Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for food and water for their dogs. The canteens at the show grounds will not supply dog food.

Penalty: Any wilful misrepresentation regarding name, age, pedigree, ownership, etc. of dogs entered in the show in contravention of KCI regulations will be liable for disciplinary action by the committee.

Dogs not present in the ring when their classes are judged will be deemed to have been absent.

Objections: Objections will be decided by the Show Committee in accordance with the KCI Regulations. The objection fee is Rs. 2000/-, returnable if the objection is held valid by the Show Committee. If turned down, the fee will be forfeited.

Judging Method:

Minor Puppies (A) and Champion Class (M) will not be eligible for CC or RCC. Class Winners compete for CC (one for each sex) & RCC (one for each sex, awarded only if eligible).

CC Winners compete with Winners of Class M for BOB and RBOB. BOB and RBOB winners compete for Group Winner, Group Runner Up and Group 2nd Runner Up (depending on the Group) and for Best Puppy in Group.

Group Winners compete for Best in Show Line-up (1 - 11) and Group Puppy Winners compete for Best Puppy in Show.

Best of Group, Best of Breed Breed & Challenge Certificates: According to the new Regulations, the Runner Up to the BOB will be chosen as RBOB irrespective of Sex. Similarly Judging for Best of Group will take place after the group has been completed  from amongst the BOB & RBOB Dogs.

Best In Show: Three Dogs from Group 2, Two Dogs from Groups 1, 5, 6, 7 8, 9 10 & 11 and One Dog from Groups 3 & 4 will be chosen. Thus finally for the Best in Show Judging 21 dogs will be present for the final lineup.

Prizes & Awards: No dog shall be eligible to compete for a prize until it has been judged in its breed class or classes. CC & RCC winners should collect their certificates before leaving the show.

Attention: All exhibitors are requested to collect their prizes immediately after winning the Class from the Official table of the Ring.                                                                                                                                                                   


1.A Dog imported from abroad or locally bred shall be eligible to be entered in any one Class in which it is eligible for, according to its age or in the Open or Champion Class.

2.Unbeaten Puppies entered in Puppy Class only will be eligible to compete for Best Puppy in Show award.

3.All exhibits with unknown parentage will not be eligible for Best in Show Bred in India and Best Puppy in Show awards.

4.The APKC will not be responsible for entries lost in postal transit. Exhibitors are requested to send in their entries at the earliest by Registered Post or Courier.











Explanation of Breed Classes


Minor Puppy


Minor Puppy

4 Months upto 6 Months

Dogs that have completed 4 months on the date of the show and not exceeding 6 months on the date of the Show may compete.





6 Months upto 12 Months

Dogs that have completed 6 months of age and not exceeding 12 months on the date of the Show may compete.





12 Months upto 18 Months

Dogs that have completed 12 months of age and not exceeding 18 months on the date of the Show may compete.





18 Months upto 36 Months

Dogs that have completed 18 months of age and not exceeding 36 months on the date of the Show may compete.


Bred In India


Bred In India

No Age Limit

Only dogs bred and begotten in India shall be eligible. Dogs begotten abroad and born in India or on the voyage out, are imported dogs under Regulations for Registration.





No Age Limit

All dogs of that breed or variety of breed may compete.





Any Dog or Bitch that is a Champion

All Champion Dogs or Bitches irrespective of Sex of that breed or variety of breed may compete. This includes imported Dogs.